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M-Cell S1E4: Bat-Fish Crazy M-Cell: Madness and Misinformation

The Agents get lunch and regroup. Agent Mary begins to wonder why she ever agreed to join M-Cell in the first place. The mission ends, one way or another.Patreon: listenermail@mcellpodcast.comWebsite:
  1. M-Cell S1E4: Bat-Fish Crazy
  2. M-Cell S1E3: Marine Murder
  3. M-Cell S1E2: Things Go to Shit
  4. M-Cell S1E1: First Ticket to the Opera
  5. M-Cell Pilot 3: Aftermath
  6. M-Cell Pilot 2: The Way It Went Down
  7. M-Cell Pilot 1: Agents are Born
  8. M-Cell: Initial Briefing
  9. M-Cell Title Theme

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